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I am a media producer, entrepreneur and business major from Sweden.
I Freelance as Graphic Designer, Videographer, Photographer, Digital Media Producer, Social Media Strategist, Content Manager, Event Organiser, Music Producer, Web Developer and Web Designer. My Social Links  My Contacts 

You can also hire me as a freelance consultant to help you find gear for music production/djing. I am well aware of technology and products related to photography, videography, music production, music recording, home studio, plug-ins, DAW, editing software. Basically anything related to audiovisual projects.


Resume & Portfolio

i. Photography

Photographer | Restorer | Retoucher | Editor | Location Scout | Travel Photographer

I took my first photo with Yashica SLR camera when I was six, I instantly fell in love with photography. Later I taught myself with essential skills to perfect the craft and composition of still and moving images. I’m also highly skilled in many tools and gadgets used for Photography. | Photographs | Most Used Adobe-Photoshop-iconAdobe-Lr-icon


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If you have gone through my Linkedin and Portfolio then you are welcome to contact me for porjects.

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Email: azee@azee.space



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