I’m an independent music producer, business major, and media producer who moved to Sweden for higher education, now Sweden is my home. I am originally from warm lands, Pakistan is my sweet motherland.

I freelance for various sort of projects within the field of consultancy, marketing, and media production. I also like to do some experiments with what’s available to complete some ‘DIY projects’ with one person team, almost no budget and terrible opportunities to keep learning. Other than that, I have appeared in news as an inspiring entrepreneur, I have started and sold many small companies.

As I educated myself in business, I kept traveling and fell in love with the art of biggest artist. I freelance, and I am still available as a freelancer for the projects within marketing, event, management, graphic designing, photography, videography, CRM, advising for EU/Asia markets, e-commerce, sound production and recording, music production, location scouting, DJing, etc.

From core I am a true creative entrepreneur who likes to talk about possibilities and stay optimistic, my mind always trust the artistic instincts though.  Moving abroad changed the way I look at life but I am keen to learn more and keep traveling. One day I will dedicate my work to someplace with an environment where I can be productive and creative in the right direction. I like to discuss businesses with a narrow focus on design, development, and marketing. If you find me interesting, don’t hesitate to contact me. This website just carries a fraction of work I have done, most of my work isn’t here. I started this website to release my single and write blog posts about anything.

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