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So was in Prague and during my first night in hostel, I got robbed. Yeah I know it’s sad, but let’s focus on Prague. For me the city looks fascinating during the night, there are moments when you will be blown by the views around you. There are so many areas crowded by tourists but I always choose odd time to go out. I like to take it easy and admire the beauty of lights and subjects, then I pull my camera and two shots on average and up to five for assurance :). The rest of the time I am there enjoying the view and living it for a while.

Well this was my first solo trip in like a decade so things were so different, no one to talk about things, no one to eat with, no one to do anything with basically :). I changed from hostel to Airbnb but the cash I lost was stopping me to even eat well here. It was weekend so my backup account was not ready until Monday. Friends borrowed money from me all of my life, this was time to make some calls. No one replied me back and I got refused by the most closest people, then I prayed and from no where I found two friends who supported me immediately :) . I’m not poor at all, I just miscalculated a robbery.

Even though I purchased a pass for public transport, I used Uber for 95% of my trips. Uber in Prague works like a charm and you get a chance to meet locals too.

I went to all nice spots and enjoyed great food. I met locals and went out with them, I met Indian and Pakistanis and went out with them, I met internationals and partied with them. The food is amazing in Prague and you have so much to select from. I went for Czech, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Moroccan food. I tried octopus for first time, thanks God it wasn’t alive :).

I also met some amazing people on this trip and the outcome of the trip was very positive for me. Although it was cold in Prague during November, I always found great food and people to excite me and keep me warm.

Oh yeah! the music in Prague is great, my Shazam did not pick many songs and that was so exciting to be thrilled about some unknown song in bar that got some crazy guitars playing right their in low-end. I heard great music here in this city.

You can find my photos here.

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