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“By 2019, 80% of the online marketing content will be video”

One of my first memorable and mind blowing interactions with video broadcasting goes way back in 80s, when I saw one of the first near pocket-sized television. During my childhood, a friend of us showed me this amazing small black & white TV. Perhaps it was one of the models from Sinclair Microvision. We watched cartoons on it, about 5‚ÄĚ inch screen and portability of this TV gave all of us a nice treat. We went into a caravan and watched cartoons there, instead of being interrupted in home otherwise ūüôā



What is Video Marketing? How it’s done?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is just a natural evolution to tell better stories. Technological advancement has brought the promise to put all of the media within reach of our pockets, according to Forbes ‚ÄúInternet Video Traffic will be over 80% of all consumer internet traffic in 4 yrs‚ÄĚ and some other sources say ‚Äėby 2019, 80% of the content online will be video‚Äô.

Video consumption rate is growing rapidly, video content brings way more engagements and traffic than any other format. Platforms like TwentyThree provide companies with all the video marketing tools in one place. Platform helps companies to run their social media video marketing from one place and to coordinate, schedule, post, track and optimize any videos across every social media channel.

So it’s simply, you need to get better engagements from viewers and make your message valuable.

I understand the prediction and research does not always go to the right direction, but our smartphones are getting more efficient and ready to produce high quality videos; I clearly see how technology is driving us right at the edge of this natural evolution.

Video content types to add in marketing funnel.

Branding Explainer Educational Short Docs
Testimonial Review Company Culture Event
Interview Speech Behind the Scene Vlog
Webinar Tutorials Demo Product Release
Sneak-Peak Live streaming Crowdfunding Announcement 

“More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day” – Forbes¬†

Info-graphics from Webpagefx. Source

Some Video formats

360 video, 360 Live and 360 VR

360 video should not be confused with the other sort of VR content, 360 video is story from filmmaker point of view around all direction. Viewers can move to all directions left to right or top to bottom within an enclosed spherical space. While in VR you can interact with space (games, product demos, etc.) and decide to create your own experience. Both types of content fit for different scenarios but once done right, they can give amazing audiovisual experience. You can read a nice article on Vimeo to know about about it. Anyways, once VR headsets become more mainstream, 360 content will be everywhere.

VR content

VR content can be created in many ways, that’s the most advanced level of checking product designs, sharing them over with other people. VR headsets are going to become more affordable and mobile VR is doing okay job too. VR is going to play a big role in e-commerce and make innovation process easier in future, I highly recommend to try out some VR experience.

Animated video

Animation can not only give you a weapon of choice but also look amazingly eye-catchy, the only thing to remember is to not get too excited with the freedom animation promises.

Square video

When it comes to video marketing, subtitles or text are becoming the most important element to catch a viewer during a normal scroll. I will discuss more about it later.

Landscape video

Story video (temporary or highlighted) Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories, short in length but get great results.

Looping video

I love them, GIF or Looping video can be used in many ways to highlight a part of story.

Screencast video

Some of the gear to get you started

DLSR (Try Sony) Action Camera 360 Camera (many new players
Tripod/Stabiliser/Monopod Microphone  Lighting equipment
Editing Station  Drone Music/Background music

When it comes to video marketing, I believe there’s still so much that businesses need to adopt and catch-up with. I think an internal video producer should be hired in companies for ongoing video production needs. Video content creates opportunities to connect with bigger audience and that’s where video marketing tools are needed. Branding should not be limited to a logo design or website, maximize it by telling great stories. Even all the website must be responsive and equipped with responsive video embedding tools. Instagram and Facebook stories are very interesting way to engage with audience, I am a fan of new video stories on Instagram from Sony Playstation. Then there’s Youtube with so much content and there video consumption increases by 100% every year.

Info-graphics from Webpagefx. Source

Info-graphics from Webpagefx. Source

I listen to JRE podcasts live on Youtube and not only I am impressed by the good work Joe Rogan puts in the show but also good production support by the co-pilot Jamie who takes care of live streaming, sound, camera and other related work. As copyright laws prevent to put some videos or even audios on live streaming, Jamie is keeping an eye on copyright laws to make this podcast sound/look great and deliver it trouble-free. I have seen this show hitting 20,000+ live views and that make sense, you know why? because comments are disabled to make a better seamless streaming experience. Other than the video streaming platforms some companies tend to lean towards hosting their own videos but I think that’s not ideal, but that’s a debate for some other time.

TwentyThree РVideo Marketing Platform 


In video marketing a viewer is directly engaging with the content, with marketing tools like TwentyThree you can get a sort of combined power of multiple platform to get all the insights about your viewers. These viewers can be converted into customers, fans or clients. TwentyThree is Copenhagen based startup, their platform brings many creative tools to create better video marketing strategy. 

OB Bike_2

Image: twentythree.net

Businesses must evolve as the world goes towards this natural evolution of storytelling advancements. So far my favourite type of video content on smartphones are mostly square video with text. I like to watch videos about new innovative products, interesting history, science, etc. The best thing about square video is the combination of text that runs along with the video. Most of the times my phone is on silent and subtitles or any text along with video helps a lot. If the video is interesting enough, I will hit unmute to continue watching with sound. But when it comes to watching something on my computer or smart tv, I prefer landscape videos and square videos almost annoy me. Statistics suggest that square videos get much more engagements on social media and I totally understand why.

Free Video Microphones

I have a bunch of  lavalier mics to record better audio for your videos. If you want a clear audio you should be using lavalier microphone. You can send me an email and I will fix a meeting to drop-off this mic with some other material. These were given me by nice people of TwentyThree. These mics for sure make a big difference to the recordings. Just write me at farooq@ to get one.


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