Portfolio – Azee.Farooq

i. Photography

Photographer | Restorer | Retoucher | Editor | Location Scout | Travel Photographer

I took my first photo with Yashica SLR camera when I was six, I instantly fell in love with photography. Later I taught myself with essential skills to perfect the craft and composition of still and moving images. I’m also highly skilled in many tools and gadgets used for Photography. | Photographs | Most Used Adobe-Photoshop-iconAdobe-Lr-icon


ii. Graphic Design

Branding | Landing Page | Concepts | Infographics | Print Media | Social Media | UX/UI 

I specialize in logo design, branding, web design and offer design services to businesses of all sizes around the world, ultimately improving their bottom line by crafting creative solutions to their business problems. I’m a digital nomad who loves to travel the world while freelancing & blogging. | Most Used Adobe-Photoshop-iconAdobe-Lr-iconApp-Adobe-Illustrator-iconAdobe-InDesign-iconGimp-icon

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iii. Videography 

Producer | Director | Writer | DOP | VFX Artist | Editor | Color Grader | Soundtrack Producer | CGI Artist | Location Scout | Talent Hunter

Screenshot 2018-01-18 18.31.09

If you need professional, affordable videos & motion graphics for a business, event or crowd funding campaign, look no further. I have produced many videos independently and as a freelancer. I produce music videos, web videos and any sort of multimedia from concept.  | Most Used Adobe-Premiere-iconAdobe-Photoshop-iconApp-Adobe-Illustrator-iconDaVinci_Resolve_12_logoC4D_LogoS4Ubu

Here I’m sharing a bit of my work

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iv. Website Development 


Business Study
Specification Study
Customers Study
Competition Check
Site Goal & Strategy
Web Design QA
Blueprint Validation


Content Development
Website Sitemap
Hosting & Domain
Web Design Planning
Wireframe Validation


Design Goals Study
Layout Development
Fonts/Colour Scheme
Logo Review/Design
 Landing Page
Web Design HTML/CSS
Design Validation


Technical Check
UX/UI Strategy
Content Creation


Data Storage
Back-end Guide
Copyright Transfer
Content Recommendation
Client’s Feedback
Full Project Transfer
Final Testing


Webmaster Activities
New Functions
Data Collection
SEO and Analysis
Security Backup

v. Music Production – DJ Work

Recording | Production | Mastering Mixing | Editing | Vocal Tuning | Background Music Production | Sound Track Production | Game Music Production Sound Production/Restoration 

Full Releases Link. Available on iTunes and all other major stores. I have worked for various events as a DJ, I have around ten years of experience with gigs. I like Electro-Jazz and Electro-Swing, but I can play various other genres too. https://soundcloud.com/thisisa2z/electro-swing-thing

vi. Event Organiser | Entrepreneur | Business Major (MSc Finance, MSc Entrepreneurship) 

 Entrepreneur, Business Major and Media Producer with solid knowledge about creative marketing
 Received grant from Swedish Government (ALMI Företagspartner AB, www.almi.se) for Innovative Business Idea.
 Started an event management company with no employees and brought 3000+ attendees on first few events.
 8+ years of experience as Marketing and Advertising Manager, Creative Marketing Manager, founder of an event management organization, Freelance Media Producer, Consultant (various start-ups) for roles ranging from marketing strategist to brand manager and business developer.
 10+ years of hands on experience in digital media production, graphic designing, and audio/video production. https://www.linkedin.com/in/aourangzaib/

Some fun projects during student life, I organised many events but happen to film a few. I also tired manual video shoot for dance video, poor gear but fun project. We decided most of the dance videos on the spot, no planning or anything. I did not have proper gear but I tried with whatever I had 😉



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