Machines Unleashed

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Tribal Trip


Machines Unleashed

A2Z, Alfu

Complex Mind

A2Z, Alfu

Society Wisdom

A2Z, Alfu

Golden Ages


Golden Ages

A2Z, Alfu, Amanda Ragnarsdotter





Punjabi Malang


Color Waves


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If you are a dj or a music enthusiast then contact me for free copy.

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Machines Unleashed contains ten fusions. The goal here is to blend-in different genres while maintaining the quality. Half of the album contains heavy synths, dark melodies and industrial sounds and the other half is more old-school style production. I mixed this album tracks with some of my favourite tracks, not only favourites because of production details but the level of mastering as well. I love Skrillex and Shadow Child and that’s why I used their tracks as reference. I am also influenced by electro-swing producer Parov Stelar and some other artists. For me, melodies start from whistle, mood or something inspirational.

You can find this mix on bottom of this page.

For now I’m preparing for my trip to Sydney, I am going to study and practice film-making there. For now I am working on a Kickstart campaign to raise money for a feature film script Ali From Pakistan. I think this is the time to bring a comedy, adventure and romance feature film forward, a story from lands unknown to today’s media. This script contains strong language, magnificent locations, and it explores the deeply embedded beauty of the human soul on its journey to self-exploration. In short, it is a daring story that will raise many questions and open the dialogues. I am moving to Australia to study and practice film, I wanted to relocate before I start writing and I think weather in Sydney will be perfect for that.

People who know me as producer/dj describe me as a techy and music enthusiastic person, I keep my music collection up to date and love to perform live with my keyboard and other midi/analogue controllers along with other performers. I also have worked as sound engineer in various events. All of the graphic design work on my websites was also done by me.

I, Alfu and Amanda are available to play for gigs. Please contact for more details.

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A bit about tracks

1. Samurai: Sharp like Samurai’s Katana this track was produced for dance floor. Bass is strong but the goal is to keep up the defence against other tracks in a dj playlist.


2. Tribal Trip: Dances of tribes, first people, and ethnic groups who strive to keep their ancestral traditions alive in contemporary society. People preserve these dances to share their heritage with the young people of their community. In this track I wanted to blend Deep House style beat with some ancient instruments and try to create a dance floor number that can be great to create mood for out door parties. We get bass and melodies on dance floor but we don’t get brass so I blended this track with a bit of jazzy horns. It’s high on kick and bass side but keeps the flow till the end to mix with another track. This song splits down to three tribal instruments and three variations in the beat.


3. Machines Unleashed: This is the first track from dark side of this album. I wanted to make it sound mechanical and industrial but at the same time maintain hip-hop side. Alfu decided to write a couple of lines for this one. Heavy bass and creepy synths and sounds were all over my timeline when I produced it. Dessert, post-apocalypse, steampunk, Mad Max, Burning Man and some cool Hot Rod cars is what I imagined when I produced this one.

4. Complex Mind: This one is a laid back hip-hop track. I shot this music video on a cold evening of Ramdan in Lund and surrounding areas. We did not have enough time and resources to go for another plan. I contacted some companies for sponsor so I could rent some lights and prepare a story-line but things did not work and we ended up making it very simple. I rented some equipment to shoot Society Wisdom Video in Götheborg, Sweden but since we had one whole evening free, we decided to shoot Complex Mind too.

5. Golden Ages: Back home when we celebrate some event, we invite a brass band and whole town enjoys the music they play. I composed this song within a day but recording and mixing took a lot of time. This song was supposed to be performed on a concert but things did not workout with the gig, this one gets highly praised among my friends and family. Alfu came up with lyrics very fast and I found Amanda on a website platform, we exchanged couple of emails and then she agreed to record vocals tracks in Stockholm. It was simple, I sent her melody recorded in my unpleasant vocals and she did all the jazz to make the melody alive, she also wrote her lines after listening to Alfu’s recordings.

I would love to create a music video for this song and also perform it with a live band. Instruments like Clarinet are not too often use to back up the beat so I wanted a bit of unique touch there. Cabaret dancers along with some vintage cars can be a good start to shoot a music video for this sort of song.


6. Society Wisdom: We were inspired by Attire in a game called Bloodborne. We liked the concepts, environments, sounds, clothing and almost every aspect of this game and it became like a sensation in my home studio. Then we got stuck on three evil bosses ‘Shadow of Yharnam’, during this boss fight music gets intense and these three highly trained humanoid creatures shrouded in black robes slice you with different weapons. Well I loved how much creative work was done in this game and this led me to take a turn with hiphop sounding song to a blend of African Instrument Kora along with some strings and congas. We went to Götheborg to shoot the music video and it’s being edited.

Screenshot from Society Wisdom Music Video


7. Mecha: is Japaneses slang for Mech (piloted robot).

8. Virus: Heavy on bass but it is purely made for raves. I am getting a lot of emails to extend it so I will consider adding some vocals and extend it.



9. Punjabi Malang: Punjab is second largest province in Pakistan. This region was divided between Pakistan and India during separation, but Punjabi traditions, food and music never stopped progressing. The word “Malang” can be used in Urdu, Punjabi, and reportedly is also used in Afghani and even Persian, which probably is the root for the word. Malang is someone who doesn’t much care about his surroundings, someone who is not worldly while living in this world. I decided to make this one a soundtrack for my upcoming feature film Ali From Pakistan.

10. Color Waves: Sometimes I use sounds to create synths, in this track I used sounds from kitchen to create atmosphere. I also created an experimental music video for this track.


A2Z Machines Unleashed



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