Aurangzaib Farooq

Throughout the birth of the first Pentium Processor, to the revolutionary technological advancement of today, I witnessed the transition of generations and met people from all around the world. I was born in Libya (Africa) to a Pakistani family, I went to school in Pakistan (Asia) and I completed MSc Finance and MSc Entrepreneurship from Sweden (Europe).  I moved to Sweden from Pakistan in 2007, and I have studied and worked here ever since. I have also worked with startups and wrote many business plans with innovative ideas. I have five years of experience in producing events and media.

What I Do

Website Development (WP)

From domain to final published website, I can not only set up your WordPress website with SEO but also train you to maintain your online presence in the future.

Multimedia Production (A/V)

Ready to work on audio/video project from scratch to publishing on social media or streaming services. Experienced in recording, editing, and mixing music and videos.


Studies and work gave me skills in business, economics, and entrepreneurship. I've given a few lectures on entrepreneurship, but I can train groups in various fields of study.

Business/Startup Analysis

I dive deep into the world of the newest technologies and business models and share my experience on how to assess their commercial potential and quality.

Graphic Designer

From sketching on a paper to enhancing concepts in Photoshop and Illustrator, I am experienced in working on any type of graphic design project.

Event Planning

I have organized over 50 international events and provided services to clients. Events included festivals, parties, trips, outdoor activities, concerts, potluck, movie nights, etc.