You come from the land with a deep heritage, you must become the source of the light for your tribe. Nobel blood runs through your veins, you were born with natural talents, and you were meant to be trained abroad.

Azee (Aurangzeb): although I was named after a Mughal King, I have no interest in conquering lands and collecting gold. My passion is to produce media (mainly films), music/videos and graphics.

Music was never recorded without a machine, there are at least ten guitars in households within 50m radius around us but none of them produced and released any tracks. There’s a fine line between being a music producer, music composer, music director, instrument player.

I most often come across an amateur instrument player who thinks the music produced on a computer isn’t real or it is easy to create. This is where a proper introduction is needed. I make melodies by whistling, use MIDI keyboard to write the melody and then work on everything that goes with composing and producing music, it includes machines and instruments.

I compose and produce music for fun, film making is my final destination to satisfy my hungry creative soul. I love stories about some of the best directors coming from totally different backgrounds and making it work.


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