Deep house scene returns to Malmö with Backyard Sessions

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Once I used to only listen deep-house, minimal and tech-house beats; but in Sweden it’s not easy to find a proper deep-house package deal. Some music genres work so nice when it’s an open air/out-door event. Though the crowd is still figuring out the vibe, I think there’s too much restrictions and a list of bla bla bla to check before you organise such events in Sweden. The Rooftop Session in Malmö event was held by a friend of mine who loves music and also makes great mixes. Party was on rooftop at Hotel Garden in Malmö. The roof of this hotel looks like a garden. Really nice location but if you think you will enjoy the view of city from top, no that’s not that sort of venue. Bar went pretty slow with taking orders but everything else was really nice. People were ready with costumes, makeups and flashy glasses 🙂 , anyway I took some photos and met some very nice people and also countable number of rude people, who still did not figure out the deep-house culture of facing the DJ and forgetting your social circles for a while and be tribal. This is very different culture than when you travel and try deep-house parties abroad.

In Sweden, people like space and authority but they carry it everywhere with them. I’ve been to places in world where people make it memorable with the right crowd, after all, music is a form of tribal routine and in deep-house parties people should not make dance circles. In Sweden it’s one of the most visible thing to see in parties, circles here and there of people guarding their friends to not interact with outer world. It’s so funny but at the same time annoying as hell. I have many photos of Swedish parties with people’s backs on background 🙂

Anyways, line-up was really good with following artists. Sound system was superb from Funktion One, also the decorations looked great.

I will highly recommend you to check out with Backyard Sessions for their upcoming events.

I have a 500px page where I post my photos, check the links on top of my website.

You will be able to watch full screen size photos later sometime. I need to compress them 😉

Be Svendsen (Live)
Stavroz (DJ Set)
Sona (Pommes 94)
Odd Fellows (NAB)

Here are some photos I took.

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