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I just had an image in mind to start with, the process went from 3D design to 2D several times but the outcome looks the way I wanted it to be. Lighting is something I am not putting a lot of time on, plus Photoshop renders take too long and I have no patience with it, so the results are great but not the maximum. This image could be color corrected for a book cover, film poster or any other needs.

A few variations with Eagle

A few variations with Eagle

I would like to get a drawing pad soon to start drawing more but I always enjoy working on concepts that are entertaining. This one could easily become interactive, motion sequence or a simple static landing page. But for now, just a piece of work.

Here are the final image and a few screenshots during the process. I only take screenshots when I doubt of messing up something 🙂 but I will try to take some cool screenshot next time. Like the one when I was cutting the text or character and shadows creation. There’s a lot of work done here, but for now here’s the beginning and the end product. Oh, and the most fun was trying different variations with eagle until I loved the final one 🙂

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