Event Stories: International Potluck and Performance Night

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 Event: International Potluck and Performance Night

Price: Free

Attendees: Expected (90) Attended (170)

Condition: Bring one dish and one activity/performance

Purpose: Social networking, entertainment, audience building

Team: Multicultural team, Lithuanian, Swedish

Arrangments: DJ/PA, Music, Live Instruments, Tables and Chairs, Disco Lights, Dancers/Performers

Where?: in Lund, Sweden

Outcomes: all of the attendees purchased tickets for one of our next events

I organised this event as a part of my startup Event Masters Group back in 2011. I asked many close friends to strictly follow the rules to join the night. The rules were to cook and bring some traditional food and prepare at least one activity for everyone to join or to perform.

I booked a venue and started arranging one day in advance. I had support and help from dear people but I was driven by a passion to bring people together under one roof, people from different countries and cultures.

The night went beyond expectations, everyone left with a positive and happy vibe.

We did not only enjoy food from each country but also listen to traditional music and dancing. Not to mention that this was one of the proudest moment for me.

I have tried to become a part of the University or student organisations to do stuff like this but you will be shocked to hear that I faced a strict and negative response from some of the organisations. The reason was simple, I was too loud, strong and unstoppable. And their rules could have stopped me from doing these events on this speed.

As an event manager, my first goal was to make sure no one leaves without a smile on face.


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