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Quick Summary:

Event: Explore City With Adventure – five teams split in the city and complete a list of tasks to know the city and other students better.

Price: Free

Purpose: Teambuilding, Adventure, Social and Culture awareness, pre-booking to our other events

Number of Attendees: 154+

Team: Multicultural team, Swedish, German, Australian, Serbian, Spanish team members

Where?: City Park in Lund, Sweden

Outcomes: 80% attendees purchased tickets for our next event, many of us are still friends

Long Story: When I joined Lund University as a mentor, I had the opportunity to become friends from people all around the world, you name a country and I had some in a close circle from there. So one of those times when I was appointed again as a mentor, I got a much bigger group than usual. We were meant to be about 40 but we ended up being 154+.

So I decided to split everyone into 5 groups and send out in the city to complete some quest during a sunny day in Lund. I made all the tasks so interesting with puzzles hidden in the most beautiful places in Lund, also to make student bond together, I made them go much further in the city to explore cheaper stores and enjoy the beauty of the outskirts.

Outskirts of Lund, Sweden

Outskirts of Lund, Sweden

Some of these people are still my friends and respect me to till this day. After this, I went on many room escape games but only one inspired me the most in Budapest. I wanted to start a room escape place once but it’s just such a side-mission sort of thing, maybe when I have kids then I can spare some time on leave 🙂

So far, the most thankful and appreciative attendees become a friend and then co-event producer were American friends, then come Germans who always bought tickets in bulk and thanked me with the bottom of their hearts. I am pretty sure if I create a map of event attendees and friends from my Event Production years, it would include almost 80% of the world.

During this event, I had Australian, Serbian, German, Spanish team members, the event went beyond expectation and most of these people paid for every single event I organised later.

This all is happening during the time when I am working night shifts, going to University and fighting with my immigrant identity.

So, I think there’s no limit to good work, if you intend to create meaningful friendships through creative ideas, people join you. And this specific event was for free. these are just some photos, the tasks can’t be explained here. I might gather up my work on one spot one day, but I really never thought of not being an entrepreneur so my plans can be extended on new grounds with even more thrilling experience.

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