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Event: Trade Show – organised by Lund  University, Sweden.

Price: Free

Purpose: Networking, Startup Show

Number of Attendees: Approx 200

Outcomes: Our booth attracted almost 95% of the people at the tradeshow, and every time we led the curiosity towards both of our startups and eventually to email signup.

During my second MSc in Entrepreneurship (New Venture Creation) I was also a mentor to exchange students, it’s then when I had a friend in every student housing. I was a super social person, I did not like the way Swedes were doing things for International students. There was a clear line between what goes for Swedes and what goes for international/exchange students.

My first event was a rebellion type, let me explain. I found out about the welcome party for students to be poor in quality, so I decided to throw my own party for three mentor groups. 150+ people were supposed to come to a free party hosted in the whole building with 4 floors. I coordinated with each floor and made sure not a single person is left out. Everyone took my theme seriously, it was the ‘Blackout’ theme. We killed all lights except disco lights and made tunnels for entrance at each corridor’s entrance, there was a condition to enter….to meet me personally and introduce and to wear all black clothes.

That night, we had over 250 people, I personally received regards, hugs and solid friendships that night.

This is exactly the time when I am studying and working during the nights. I was a natural born entrepreneur everyone knew, education just gave me a spark.

So during the tradeshow organised for masters students at Lund University, I just went with a heavy-head after coming back from a 60+ group adventure trip. I briefly thought about some ideas for the booth, I can assure that my booth got the most engagements that day 🙂

People wanted to try Djing, and I just needed attention enough to talk about things.

I prepared everything for the tradeshow booth in one day, I know 🙂 I was not taking it that seriously. The best thing was to have some help from a Canadian friend who was not in our program but came to be part of my booth.

These photos come from 2012, every single person in this photo went on one of my events. Some of my class fellows hated me so much for being careless about some things, but when they joined my events they left with the same message as others, Farooq thanks for the best experience in Sweden. Also, many friends were aware of me leaving at 2:20 AM from all parties due to night shifts. Sometimes, I was treated with such respect when I will leave for work hahaha, someone will play the last song for me and then there will be three more.

I found satisfaction in organising big events, and slowly we were getting so big…no venue could hold us.

The most important thing is, there were two startups from me 🙂 one person with two startups. I had no team members.

  1. The Dj booth is from Event Masters, we organised 50+ events later.
  2. Sitter On Spot, later turned in to Care On Spot received grant from Swedish Institute ALMI and after completing the platform I sold it to a formal employee of Care.com

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