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Not a long time ago I got in touch with Ali Ahmen and proposed him to take me on his adventures and let me interview and produce a proper travel documentary series. I composed a production plan and went to a few places in Sweden to get support, it did not work for me. Ali, in another hand, kept going on his adventures in Pakistan and each video he took was just breath-taking in all ways. I have discussed and made a deal to work with Ali and produce something for Netflix this summer in 2019.

A series of episodes is the right way to cover landscape, culture, music, people, history, attractions, lifestyle, wildlife, food, etc.  I want to interview Ali and his brothers/friends and join them on some of their trips, explore the wildlife and nature of Pakistan and perhaps

How to Support?

I would like to raise funding for me and my team to work efficiently on some of the most fascinating areas in Pakistan and deliver an audiovisual experience that will raise awareness, bring positive cooperations and most of all educate the viewers about Pakistan.

To support us as a team you can signup for email list now, I will send email to everyone when we go live on the crowdfunding platform.

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