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Photo by Hammad Iqbal: https://500px.com/hammadiqbal

I just exported the final mix (not mastered) version of the soundtrack for my upcoming documentary series, I composed this pretty fast because it came from the heart. The doc will be a collaboration with Pakistani videographers duo. I will be off-road for a long time, plans are so sick but I can’t reveal. I will compose this song again with vocals and video in Pakistan. I have had this melody in my mind from a long time ago during Pakistan trip.

More about this Documentary will be coming here on my website.

The campaign on indiegogo will give you chance to get so many gifts, for example, this needle shawl right from Pakistani mountains. This is just one perk, I want to send everyone something for supporting us.

Pure traditional Pakistani

One of the Gift for backers who will supp0rt our documentary

There are so many awesome gifts for you guys to get and everyone will get a name in credit and an open invitation from me to visit Pakistan. Here’s a little snippet. I won’t be able to pre-run


  • A TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY “TV SERIES”: The Blessed Pakistan is an upcoming travel documentary series that explore magnificent Pakistani landscapes with a mix of food, culture, and music.  Some of the first ever seen moments from places you never see on the media, the creators intend to brighten the name of Pakistan and educate people about us as a peaceful and blessed nation. Even though we did not plan this for a ‘tv network’, the format will be suitable for any TV network or streaming services with up to 4K resolution. Driven by an artistic and creative team, narrated and hosted in English with many subtitles, like, Swedish, Danish, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese. Suitable to watch all around the world on Blu-ray Disc Players,  or streaming platforms.

About Music Production: There’s no other instrument better than a Pakistani Bansuri sound to guide your whistle in music composition. Here it is my new release.

The gift of human imagination is priceless, and for me, I normally come up with melodies in the middle of nowhere and whistle them. I record my whistles and never listen to them 🙂

But this one I could never forget because of a continuous drive to compose it finally. A very short piece and I must say, without visuals, it does not say anything right now.

I want you to feel cosy, put some good headphones on. Turn volume to lower than 70%. Listen to the sound of nature at the start of this song. I wish to give you a piece of my imagination in the first few seconds so you can maybe get in the same zone 🙂 there are problems in production, with time I will find sweet-spot before mastering. Feel free to send me feedback at farooq@, this is going to sound different and have a bit better arrangements, in the end, I still am getting troubles to get Rabab sound right.

Hope you will enjoy!

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