Three minutes Sketches vs. Three days digital art

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These sketches took me barely 3 minutes, I do this sometimes when my eyes hurt looking at the screen too much. These were especially for my first digital painting it’s still in process. I found it very interesting but too much time consuming compared to quick paper and pen solution. But of course, you can achieve some great results. I will share the final work soon on this website. I have though, changed the Katana cover from Lion to the old dragon, I wanted this art for a t-shirt so there is no reason to go too detailed on that. But this Lion is pure my concept, drawn with only two words in mind, lion and katana cover. I will put this idea in another concept art later but not in my first digital painting. I forgot to write a bit more about the first concept, my first concept it simple and the sword is not going to be close so this katana i will create with title ‘sword master’ and just a close look on the cover with Katan

katana by farooq

max 3 mins sketch😀 katana cover and grip ending design for my concept art…for my second digital painting. I could try snake, eagle, of course, dragon…but how creepy is a lion right?


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